Collaborative Pentest Management

Take control over your Penetration tests

At Shockwave, we developed Next-Gen Collaborative Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty Challenges offering.

The goal is simple - Save Time, Increase Quality In-Depth Findings.

This service enables the onboarding of external experts onto the organization's Attack Surface Platform.

By doing so, these individuals gain familiarity with the entire Attack Surface swiftly, enabling efficient reconnaissance in a matter of seconds.

We've designed the system such that the sensitive areas within the portal containing valid vulnerabilities is kept restricted.

This unique approach allows hackers to collaborate, pooling their expertise in the identification and resolution of potential vulnerabilities.

Moreover, these hackers have the ability to submit discovered vulnerabilities directly through our platform.

This feature streamlines the process, making it easier for both the organization and the hackers involved, fostering an environment conducive to effective and efficient security management.

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Hear from our Customers
Shockwave has truly transformed the way we protect our externally facing assets, and has provided us with great peace of mind.
Shockwave has notified us about exploitable vulnerabilities that no other tool has been able to detect.
We use Shockwave to complement our CSPM, ever since it detects external threats in real-time and takes our automation to a whole new level.
As the leading Rapid Incident Response company, we leverage Shockwave's solution to pinpoint potential attacker entry-points and additional vulnerabilities. This seamlessly enhances our client engagements.
As a fast-growing startup, Shockwave has been instrumental in consistently monitoring only the High & Critical exploitable risks for us, enabling the team to maintain our rapid pace of execution.

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