Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring at industry-leading pace

At Shockwave, we continuously monitor your assets and Identify vulnerabilities with our comprehensive Next-Gen Attack Surface Management Platform - we are doing so at industry-leading pace.

Shockwave provides reliable & actionable alerts to help you protect your organization and focus on the issues that matter most.

Shockwave Easily connects to your organization SOAR with realtime action-able notifications of genuine exploitable threats.

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Hear from our Customers
Shockwave has truly transformed the way we work and has provided us with unparalleled peace of mind.
Shockwave provides us with a unified platform to oversee and manage all our DNS assets, from Attacker's OSINT perspective to integration with our CSPM tools. It has notified us about vulnerabilities that no other tool has been able to detect.
We were looking for a solution that will complement our CSPM and Hyper Automation tools with reliable risks detection at record-time, we found it with Shockwave.
As the leading Rapid Incident Response company, we leverage Shockwave's solution to pinpoint potential attacker entry-points and additional vulnerabilities. This seamlessly enhances our client engagements.
As a fast-growing startup, Shockwave has been instrumental in consistently monitoring only the High & Critical exploitable risks for us, enabling the team to maintain our rapid pace of execution.

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