Attack Surface Resistance Platform
Shockwave specializes in protecting businesses from externally facing threats through our advanced and comprehensive Attack Surface Resistance Platform.

We are the world's first Attack Surface Resistance Platform, our vision is to create a unified portal for managing everything related to your Externally Facing assets, from continuous monitoring to running your Bug Bounty strategy and collaborative pen-testing environment.

Shockwave are the industry leaders for Web and DNS Security automation, the foundation of our SaaS offering is baed on years of identifying more than 5,000 valid exploitable security issues.

It helped more than 500 companies to posture their external security resistance, including most of the world's Fortune 100 companies.

Attack Surface Management
At Shockwave, we offer a comprehensive Attack Surface Management service to help organizations protect their systems and data from externally facing Application Security threats.
Vulnerability Disclosure Program
Shockwave allows you to launch your own Vulnerability Disclosure Program in matter of seconds, whether it's to support the incoming vulnerabilities at your security@ inbox, host your own responsible disclosure program page on your main website - we have created an holistic place to manager, comment and have meaningful dialogue with researchers and your internal security teams, supported by Slack and Email notifications.
Vulnerability Management
Track and Manage your external application security vulnerabilities.
Shockwave offers an intuitive, easy to use interface along seamless integration with Slack and Jira.
Making it simple to stay on top and prioritize your externally facing vulnerabilities and protect your organization.
SOAR - Real Time Notifications
Continuously monitor your assets and Identify vulnerabilities with our comprehensive Attack Surface Resistance solution.
Shockwave provides reliable, actionable alerts to help you protect your organization and focus on the issues that matter most.
Shockwave Easily connects to your organization SOAR with real-time action-able notifications of genuine threats.
SaaS & 3rd Parties Risk
Discover and continuously monitor all of your external SaaS and third-party services with Shockwave.
Our platform helps you identify and address any vendor related novel misconfigurations or 0-day vulnerabilities, giving you the tools you need to protect your organization and its data.
Trust in our solution to keep you informed and secure.

Application Programming Interface
At Shockwave, we have developed an API client that enables easy extraction and insertion of data with other AppSec tools.
This API client allows organizations to seamlessly integrate Shockwave's Application Security Monitoring Suite with their existing AppSec tools and processes.
Monitoring Externally Facing Assets has never been easier.