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We've built our product out of a need, our team is experienced first hand in all aspects of Application Security protection workflows, whether it is by doing Bug Bounties, or working as Security Engineers on small startups and Fortune 100 companies - correlating all the pain points into one single platform as Shockwave would directly fit in within any of our different crafts, and we are proud of that.

We are able to bring real value to our customers resulted in High & Critical Exploitable risks mitigated before exploitation.

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Why Shockwave?

We've introduced a hands-on approach to Attack Surface Management, highlighting genuinely exploitable risks.


Our foundation already identified thousands of exploitable vulnerabilities among major organizations.

Lightning Fast

Shockwave's Platform is scanning your infrastructure at industry-leading pace, don't believe us? challenge our claims!

Results Driven

We only care about 1 thing - whether we notify about exploitable vulnerability - 0 FP's or bullshit.

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