Identify, Secure and Continuously Monitor your Externally Facing Assets

24/7 Continuous Monitoring ✤ Rapid - Reliable - Trusted  ✤  0 False Positives - only real, exploitable issues
Peace of mind against externally facing threats

Manage all your assets in one centralized platform.

Shockwave makes your life easier by correlating your entire External Attack Surface in a single, easy-to-use
Continuous Threat Exposure Management platform.

With our help, you can get a comprehensive view of your organization's attack surface and take the necessary steps to protect it from severe threats.

Advanced OSINT Reconnaissance engines.

Whitebox & Internal Integrations.

Use a proven solution that will help you save money by identifying high and critical exploitable risks.

24/7 continuous monitoring,
Discover new externally facing assets before malicious actors does.

Collaborate with your peers using Shockwave capabilities to efficiently remediate external threats.

Hear from our Customers
Shockwave has truly transformed the way we protect our externally facing assets, and has provided us with great peace of mind.
Shockwave has notified us about exploitable vulnerabilities that no other tool has been able to detect.
We use Shockwave to complement our CSPM, ever since it detects external threats in real-time and takes our automation to a whole new level.
As the leading Rapid Incident Response company, we leverage Shockwave's solution to pinpoint potential attacker entry-points and additional vulnerabilities. This seamlessly enhances our client engagements.
As a fast-growing startup, Shockwave has been instrumental in consistently monitoring only the High & Critical exploitable risks for us, enabling the team to maintain our rapid pace of execution.
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We've secured hundreds of major organizations
from Critical, Exploitable Vulnerabilities.

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