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We Incorporated Shockwave on January 2023 as an Attack Surface & Continuous Threat Exposure Solution to disrupt the legacy industry, and finally have a solution that focuses on the gaps that really matter.

In today's landscape, it's alarmingly easy to detect and exploit high and critical vulnerabilities within major organizations.

In the last 3 years prior to Shockwave, we have accomplished significant success in the Bug Bounty realm that confirmed our remarks and led to the creation of our innovative platform.

We have been able to identify hundreds of critical vulnerabilities among major organizations and Fortune 500 companies, which could have led to significant cyber incidents, our underlying automation and scanning engines were able to overcome malicious actors due to our precision, accuracy and continuous monitoring speed.

At that point, we were driven to launch Shockwave as a SaaS Platform, which has since delivered outstanding results for our customers.

The synergy between efficient continuous monitoring and internal integrations has proven to be invaluable!

Today, our platform provides values to ten's of customers, it helps them gain control over their externally facing assets, and continuously assesses them for externally facing threats - we have been able to prevent significant incidents for our SaaS customers, and we are just getting started.

Learn about our team

We are a small team dedicated together to build a significant platform that will help companies control their externally facing assets and prevent unnecessary avoidable Cyber-Security incidents.

Gal Nagli

Founder & CEO

Gal Nagli is the Founder & CEO of shockwave.cloud, the Attack Surface & Continuous Threat Exposure Management Platform, he is one of the world's leading Bug Bounty hunters and one of the few who have earned more than $2,000,000 in bounties. He managed to identify critical security vulnerabilities within hundreds of companies and major F500 organizations, while winning Live Hacking Event competitions around the world.

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Our work and research has received positive buzz and exposure throughout the years, check it out!

The Hacker News

#1 Most trusted publication for breaking cybersecurity and hacking news

"#OpenAI also fixed a critical account takeover flaw Identified by Gal Nagli from Shockwave that could have allowed attackers to take control of users' accounts and access sensitive data....."

GISEC Global

#1 Cyber Security Conference in the MENA

"Gal Nagli from Shockwave takes the #GISECGlobal stage! The bug bounty hunter and top 5 in HackerOne leaderboards tells us all about scoring bounties with Grafana, the visualization & monitoring open-source that keeps on getting pwned"


One of the world's leading Bug Bounty Platforms

"Let’s hear it for Gal Nagli, the latest hacker to earn his millionth bounty dollar through HackerOne! 👏 Reaching this incredible milestone is no easy feat.
The HackerOne team and customers thank you for your unwavering dedication to this impactful work."

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