About Us
The story behind how our company started
Our first line of code was written in early 2020 with the goal of creating a product that could proactively identify and address generalized Web and DNS vulnerabilities within publicly accessible Application Security assets, initially it started as a command-line interface tool directed for Personal Bug Bounty.
After seeing enormous success with this approach, we decided to expand into the business-to-business market for FY23 and developed a comprehensive Interface on top of our automation technology to offer a more user-friendly and visually appealing product to our clients while continuing to leverage the power of automation to protect against security issues.
We have gone through to develop a comprehensive Attack Surface Resistance Platform that utilizes innovative Attack Surface Management which particularly focuses on its wide and precise detection along scanning at a speed that malicious actors couldn't compete with.
The story behind how our company started
It was within the early days of 2020 when our team began its way within the AppSec and Bug Bounty world, we had a vision to develop a product which would scan for Web and DNS vulnerabilities for generic issues in generalization in order to target any available target across different web servers and within variety of sectors.
We have gone through to develop a comprehensive Attack Surface Management product particularly focusing on its detection and notification speed along having as much security modules as possible.
Our values
The AppSec world is an ever changing environment, and so as our product.
We are making sure to stay up to the latest trends and to treat our product as a growing solution at all times.
Our solution will strive on its commitment to bring the best to our clients by providing complete transparency and around-the-clock support for any query or needs.
Security is always better done together! we know that through collaborative effort with our clients and within the community as a whole will bring our product to the best of its abilities.
Meet our Founder
Get to know our founder journey that helped him develop Shockwave, along his success and domain expertise in the Application Security, Automation and the Bug Bounty field.
Gal Nagli
CEO & Founder
Monitoring Externally Facing Assets has never been easier.